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Book1 - "Meg, Mog and Miss Molly"

Miss Molly lives alone in the Australian bush, but one day her peaceful life is changed forever by the arrival of two small, feathered friends. Miss Molly has never married and she has a lot to learn about bringing up a family.
Now, she has become a very busy person indeed. There is no time at all for her daily walks in the bush, or even time to finish cleaning her little house.
Poor Miss Molly finds her life has been turned upside down! But she is happy.
Book 2 - "Miss Molly Meets Little Joe"

At her home in the bush Miss Molly has many special friends. As before, Miss Molly comes to the rescue, but this time an unexpected danger threatens them all.
Book 3 - "Miss Molly's Surprise"

The Australian bush creatures are Miss Molly's friends and neighbors. She has come to their rescue many times when they have needed her help, but this time, Miss Molly is to have a surprise! She discovers that she has more friends than she expected and they are ready to help also.
The series of Miss Molly books have been written and illustrated by Yvonne and her son Garth to help raise awareness about Australian Wildlife, and to entertain young children with the charming tales of Miss Molly's adventures with several bush creatures.

The illustrations are pen and watercolour.

These books have been made available through publisher Xlibris, and can be purchased both as an online product or a soft-cover book. Please visit the purchase link to take home Miss Molly's adventures for your children or as a gift.

Proceeds from the sale of these books are being donated to Help for Wildlife in Australia.
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