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Artist info sheet can be downloaded (PDF) or viewed below.
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Information for artists.

The stage at Babushka is small, and intended primarily for acoustic acts, duos and trios, electronic acts, compact bands. Full drum kits take up most of the stage area and are not recommended, though small kits have been managed ok. Babushka is not suitable for heavy or large rock bands.

LED stage lighting is used, there are 3 mic stands and 4 mics in total. The stage box has 8 free balanced inputs, and the DI has 4 inputs for direct-connecting guitars, keyboards or line instruments. Please try not to bring large guitar amps; space is limited, and the sound system is more than capable of providing a fat sound with foldback. Additionally, the output from loud amps unbalances the FOH mix, which is also fed to the rear garden via the main desk. Small amps or direct line instruments are preferred.

The P.A. consists of two passive JBL MRX525 full range bins, two foldback wedges and a 24 channel desk with inbuilt FX. Sound output is kept to an acceptable level suitable for a lounge type venue. Soundcheck is usually at 7.30 unless otherwise arranged. Sound engineer is provided for setup and soundcheck, after which the mix will be adjusted as needed at regular intervals. Load in is after 6pm via the front door. Parking is usually available near the entrance. We ask that gear be loaded out again after the performance, before the door is locked: 12.30am Fri and Sat, and before 11pm Wed, Thurs and Sun.

Live music start times are suggested as follows: Wed, Thurs, Sun: Start 8pm, finish before 10.30pm. Fri & Sat: Start between 8pm-9pm, finish before 12am. Set times are flexible between these hours and are at artist discretion.

As of Oct 2013, for most performances Babushka will add $1 to the door charge to cover engineering costs for the evening, to be paid to the venue after the performance.

Artists are asked to provide their own door person if possible. Babushka cannot be guaranteed to have staff available to monitor door takings... if this is not practical we can in some cases endeavour to collect payment over the bar, however this is not as effective as having a door person and we cannot be held accountable for ensuring payment by all patrons. Artist payment is exclusively the total door takings; minus the $1 engineering fee where applicable... no guarantees can be offered by the venue.

Artists can expect two standard drinks each. Further drinks are supplied at half price for artists. Food is available for purchase. Babushka is well known for providing high quality desk recordings. Artists can request a digital file of their performance; USB stick is recommended for copying WAV file afterwards. This is a free service for all acts that contribute the $1 entry surcharge. We welcome artists to set up their own merchandise near the door if applicable.

For any further queries or requests please contact the manager
(Garth) on 0416 504 270

Posters or promotional material can be sent to:
Garth Horsfield
22 East St South, Bakery Hill, VIC, 3350

The venue can display up to 6 posters.