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The teachers endeavor to provide valuable and rewarding dance classes in a caring and encouraging environment. All skill levels are catered for with commitment to ensure that all students can achieve their personal best. Students are encouraged to develop technical & performance skills with confidence in a safe dance environment. Friendship and team work is actively built on and students are expected to support and encourage each other in class and throughout the school. Senior students often take on a mentor type role towards junior students.

Friendship and fun through dance!
Baby Ballet

An imaginative and fun class for ages 3 – 5 at a pre-school level. The class is ballet based but offers children a creative and drama based class building on motor skills, musical awareness and creative expression. Children are given an awareness of posture and basic movements and are introduced to the courtesies and structure of a dance class in an encouraging and fun environment. Children all participate in the end of year concert (unless they have a particular wish not to) and show great pride in their performance.


Baby Jazz
A 30 minute class of bop and jazz moves for 3 to 5 year old preschoolers. Emphasis is on musicality and co-ordination. Children are encouraged to do free movement and explore their own creative movement ideas to modern pop music.

Primary Ballet

Primary Ballet is for the Primary School aged child 5 – 7 and offers a structure suitable to the age group. The class is well balanced with emphasis on posture, gross and fine motor skills, musical awareness/interpretation, basic steps and mime. Children are given an imaginative basis for the training which keeps it fun and interesting as is suitable for this age group. All students participate in the Annual Concert.

“Starfish” in The Little Mermaid 2006
"Bluebirds" in Snow White 2008

"Sugar Plum Fairies" in The NIght Before Christmas 2009

Classical Ballet: International Cecchetti Method
Classes are held by teachers trained in the Internationally recognized Cecchetti method of training. Ballet classes offered cater to all ages and offer a progression of training from Beginners to Advanced level. Examinations may be taken if desired and many opportunities such as group competition work, solo performances, audition opportunities, festivals and concerts are available to students. Our classical ballet training offers a notable excellence in the region and our students take pride in the excellence of their work.

Classical ballet for grace and poise!

Senior Students 2008 - 2009

Jazz/ Funk classes
Jazz/ Funk classes start at Beginner's level 4-5 yo and continue until advanced level. Our classes are well structured with an emphasis on the strength, flexibility and technique required for this strong style of dance. Traditional jazz technique coupled with modern styles such as Funk and Hip Hop combine to make the classes both up to date and challenging. We have a strong belief that the music and movement content should be kept suitable for the age of the children and prefer to concentrate on a strong dance style.

Jazz Funk classes are fun and energetic!

Tap Dance

Tap dance is offered from beginners to senior level and classes combine a strong technique grounding with a modern and fun interpretation. For those choosing to extend their skills solo work is available. All students participate in the Annual concert.

Tap dance offers rhythm and co-ordination!

Contemporary dance

Contemporary dance can be studied as an extension of classical ballet or as a style in its own right. Contemporary dance training offers students a broader range of movement and choreographic freedom.

Contemporary dance exploring new choreography!

Song and Dance

For those students interested in singing we offer a class concentrating on the use of voice combined with dance. Students study examples from popular musicals and learn the correct methods employed to combine song and dance.

“Jellicle Cats” from 2006 concert!

Hip Hop
Hip Hop is a strong and athletic style of dance, often combining gymnastic and acrobatic skills. This style is more appropriate for older students.

Private Tuition

Private tuition is available in all methods of dance with an aim to solo performances.


Solo performance can build confidence!