Is there an age limit for the tour?
Aradale Ghost Tours are not suitable for children under the age of 8. Please note that tour content may not be suitable for all children and parental discretion is advised

Is there much walking on the tour?
Tours are an easy walk, with an emphasis on stories. Patrons note that there are a lot of stairs.

Are the tours suitable for wheelchairs?
Unfortunately Aradale Ghost Tours are not suitable for wheelchairs.

Are there toilets on the tours?
At this stage there is no toilet at the start of the tour. We highly recommend attending to this before driving to the asylum. Toilets are located at the service station on the entrance to Ararat.

Will I see a ghost?
Maybe, however Aradale Ghost Tours does not guarantee any contact with the supernatural.

Do you set up 'ghosts'?
No, Aradale Ghost Tours let the stories and atmosphere speak for themselves.

Can we take photos during the tour?
Yes! However we do request that flash photography be pointed away from the guides. Video cameras are not permitted.